Summary of Adult Versions:

Concise 6-page adult version: Provides essential feedback on your personality style, your strengths and how to be your best. Includes your personality graphs.

Standard 30-page adult version: Adds expanded feedback on motivational drives and ways to communicate better. Includes enhanced descriptions, your communication style, your behavioral style, your decision-making style, leadership insights, tips for growth, guides to interact with others and expanded details of your DISC personality graphs.

Extended 50-page adult version: Adds more visual charts and guides to relating to others in more productive ways. Adds stress potential graphs and more insights on the major personality styles.

Direct Sales 50-page adult version: Very similar to the extended version, but tailored for sales by covering the topic of contacting others.

Leadership 65-page adult version: The feedback in this report is geared towards leaders who want a simple model that fits perfectly with DISC. It includes a description of the leadership model as well as leadership guides to work with each of the 4 main personality styles.

Summary of Teen Versions:

Teen concise version (12-pages): A great value for teens. Includes an introduction to the DISC model, words that describe, strengths, keys to growth, characteristics as a team member, career suggestions and decision-making style.

Teen extended version (57-pages): This version gives extensive feedback for the teen and also includes some helpful feedback for parents and teachers. Areas covered in addition to the concise version are tendencies and motivation style, communication style, the best way to work with you, tips for working with others, career lists and tips and clues in recognizing the personality styles of others.

Feature Comparison Chart for Adult Versions:



Concise DISC




Major Benefit

Shows your natural strengths and how to be your best.

Also shows your motivational style and how to communicate better.

Also shows how to relate with others, be more productive, and minimize conflict

Focuses on leadership. Includes revolutionary approach that is easy to apply.

Includes full personality assessment online (time required: less than 20 minutes)
DISC Model Overview
Summary of your personality
Words that describe you
Your Strengths
How to be your best (keys to excellence)
Environment & Team Dynamics
Your Personality Graphs
Introduction to your style using "DISC" terms  
Your Communication style  
Priorities & Decision-making style  
Suggestions for working with you  
Communication and presentation tips  
Leadership Insights (4 pages)  
What to emphasize with others (each style)  
Your basic style behavior / preferences  
Insights for boost professional growth  
Insights for long-term success  
Chart: Your basic style behavior    
Chart: Your communication style    
Chart: Priorities & Decision-making style    
Chart: High and low traits    
Chart: Reading others    
3 tips to remember with each style    
DISC - Reference chart to remember    
Insights to help you relate to Dominant people    
Insights to help you relate to Inspiring people    
Insights to help you relate to Supportive people    
Insights to help you relate to Cautious people    
Perceptions & Insights into the Dominant Style    
Perceptions & Insights into the Inspiring Style    
Perceptions & Insights into the Supportive Style    
Perceptions & Insights into the Cautious Style    
Understanding your Environment Graph    
Understanding your Real Personality Graph    
Chart: Review of DISC Traits    
Introduction to new leadership model      
Leadership patterns and positions      
Guide to Leading a Dominant (D) Person      
Guide to Leading an Inspiring (I) Person      
Guide to Leading a Supportive (S) Person      
Guide to Leading a Cautious (C) Person      
Number of pages in report
6 pages
30 pages
50 pages
65 pages


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