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Team Charting Tool

Team Charts allow you to plot a group of people on one chart to get an at-a-glance view of their personality styles. You can also click on individual plotting points on the graph to view summary information on each person. Summary charts are also available for each person in the group.

Enter a set of ACCESS CODES below OR select a predefined GROUP number and click on the "View Team Chart" button. Access Codes are case-sensitive. If you select a Group, then the GROUP will be charted instead of the Access Codes .

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Enter one ACCESS CODE code per line and then click on the "View Team Chart" button below

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Include Individual Graphs?

Leave this box checked to include individual graphs of each team member in the report. Deselect this box if you just want the chart only.

Spread out the plotting points?

Leave this box checked to spead out the plotting points to minimize overlap. Uncheck for more exact plotting results (may result in more overlap).


Guide to Reading Team Charts - Group Patterns:

When you chart a team of people, you can look for patterns that will emerge. Consider the DISC Model of Human Behavior shown below as you look at the chart. Keep in mind the traits of Outgoing vs. Reserved and Task-Oriented vs. People-Oriented.


Team Chart Patterns to look for

Tips on using the combined team graph:


1. Keep in mind that the results of the personality tests can be further explored for each person by clicking on their plotting point on the graph.

2. Be aware that charts with a large number of codes (50+) may occasionally not work properly if the server is overloaded. If you have trouble, you may need to try again later. If you experience technical difficulty, then please contact our support team.

3. Again, keep in mind the major divisions of the chart ... Outgoing vs. Reserved and Task-oriented vs. People-oriented. Look for whether the group is weighted towards one side or the other. That can indicate the flavor of the organization.

4. Keep in mind that everyone is a blend of all 4 personality styles. This graph is not meant to "pin" anyone down. The graph is intended to be one view of the group. Use this as a tool - as a way to envision an organizational snapshot.

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