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Access code: ACPI-VKZJ-ZEBA-RNBM, completed 2013-11-12 , Adult Concise Report v1.2

DISCLAIMER: This report is for educational and self-awareness purposes only. The content herein is based on general trait tendencies of the D/IC personality style. This report is NOT intended to provide data, advice or guidance for diagnostic, health, legal, financial, or psychological purposes. If such advice or data is required, then a qualified professional should be sought. All parties associated with this report are to be held harmless from any and all liabilities, demands, claims, actions or suits that may be asserted related to the use of information contained herein.


Your ReportJohn Sample

Words that Best Describe John Words that best describe you

  • Calculating
  • Persuasive
  • Determined
  • Productive
  • Trusting
  • Results-Oriented
  • Responsive
  • Gifted
  • Correct
  • Independent
  • Involved
  • Precise
  • Talkative
  • Direct
  • Logical
  • Responsible
  • Deliberate
  • Demanding
  • Dependable
  • Pioneering

Please keep in mind these words may describe you more or less depending on the situation. If you feel that some of the words above describe you very well, then circle them. If you feel like some of the words do not describe you well, simply cross them out. This information is usually 85-95% accurate, but you are welcome to mark it up to match your unique personality style.

This report is NOT meant to label you! It is designed to HELP you UNDERSTAND and DISCover yourself. You can enjoy your unique personality and your strengths!


Your ReportJohn Sample

John's Strengths What you will learn

The following section describes John's strengths based on the D/IC personality blend. These strengths represent qualities resulting from blending the D, I, S and C personality traits. Remember, everyone is a unique blend of all four styles. In other words, everyone has some of each of the four major personality styles.


Determined, Interactive and Detailed

John thrives on taking the initiative and has an innovative spirit. John is passionate and focused when solving problems. John enjoys working with people who share the same vision and purpose.


Resourceful Leader

John enjoys leading others and creating innovative solutions.  John is able to encourage others to participate in reaching goals.  John works well under pressure by creating ways to move ahead.


Your ReportJohn Sample

John's Keys to Excellence What you will learn

The following section describes John's keys to maintain balance and excellence in life based on the dynamics of the D/IC personality blend. These keys are important in adapting to the needs and perspective of others. Practicing these insights will cultivate teamwork, productivity, harmony and understanding with others.

Ask People How They Feel

The way people feel inevitably influences their productivity and sense of value. Asking people how they feel creates an opportunity to communicate and work more effectively with others.

Ask People for Their Suggestions - Then Listen!

Some of the best solutions will come from those who do not like to speak up. When you work with such people, take the initiative to ask for their input. Take time to listen, and seriously consider what they have to say.

Initiate Change with Patience

You are energized in spontaneous, creative environments. You like change and variety. Not everyone has your pioneering spirit, so be patient in suggesting extensive changes to other team members.

Be Personal and Unhurried

People respond best when they feel important and valued. Take the time to listen to team members in order to build trust and rapport.


Your ReportJohn Sample

John as a Team Member What you will learn

John's Main Strength:

You are great at working on projects that require vision and action. You get results through information and people!

Main Motivation: Intense, cognitive interaction for creative solutions

Individual Talents and Gifts: Quickness in response, risk-taker

Value as a Team Member: Spontaneity, challenging the status-quo

Ideal Environment: Meeting with open discussions that are fast-paced and bottom line

Key to Motivate: New challenges to resolve; more efficient use of time; other outside involvements; wide scope of activity; opportunity to demonstrate skills

Keys to Manage: While working with others: D/IC style blends need project deadlines; a better appreciation for slower-paced people; honest feedback about priorities; not to take on too many challenges at once; caution with "off-the-cuff" remarks that are too personal

How You Act Best Under Pressure (your perception): Flexible; determined and resolute; alert; energetic; smart; quick

How Others May MISUNDERSTAND and MISREAD Your Actions Under Pressure (if they do not understand you): Restless; hasty and impatient; unapproachable; impulsive; intense; detached

Things to be aware of (possible blind spots): Understanding that slower paced styles need time to process information

Complementary Personality Styles: S, I/SC, S/D, I/S


Your ReportJohn Sample

Personality Graphs for John Words that best describe you

Graph I
Environment Style
Graph II
Basic Style
DISC Circle

Very High


Avg. Above
- Midline -
Avg. Below


Very Low

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85   75   3   17
100   100   3   82
D/IC Blend

Graph I on the left reflects your Environment Style - how you respond in your environment. This graph indicates the behavior that others are most likely to observe. The higher the graph level for each of the 4 traits, the more that trait is evident in your environment.

Graph II in the center reflects your Basic Style - the real you where you are most comfortable. Traits that are higher on the graph are behaviors that feel more natural to you whereas traits that are lower on the scale are areas are less comfortable for you.

Your DISC Circle Graph on the right is an at-a-glance view of your Basic Style. It is based on your Graph II Basic Style which is D/IC.