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Access code: ASPI-SAMPLE, completed 2013-01-08 , Adult Concise Report v1.2


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Words that Best Describe Joe Words that best describe you

  • Decisive
  • Polished
  • Domineering
  • Determined
  • Involved
  • Spontaneous
  • Bold
  • Verbal
  • Competitive
  • Exaggerated
  • Ambitious
  • Independent
  • Direct
  • Driving
  • Demanding
  • Imaginative
  • Persuasive
  • Deliberate
  • Emotional
  • Impulsive
  • Enthusiastic

Please keep in mind these words may describe you more or less depending on the situation. If you feel that some of the words above describe you very well, then circle them. If you feel like some of the words do not describe you well, simply cross them out. This information is usually 85-95% accurate, but you are welcome to mark it up to match your unique personality style.

This report is NOT meant to label you! It is designed to HELP you UNDERSTAND and DISCover yourself. You can enjoy your unique personality and your strengths!


Your ReportJoe Sample

Joe's Strengths What you will learn

The following section describes Joe's strengths based on the D/I personality blend. These strengths represent qualities resulting from blending the D, I, S and C personality traits. Remember, everyone is a unique blend of all four styles. In other words, everyone has some of each of the four major personality styles.


Determined, Energetic and Outgoing

Joe prefers to be on the go and prefers doing multiple tasks with people. Joe enjoys getting results by working with people to achieve goals. Joe looks for opportunities and is eager to get started on the next project.


Enthusiastic Leader:

Joe can work with others in a fast-paced environment.  Joe knows how to get people moving toward a goal.  Joe works hard and inspires others to do their best.


Your ReportJoe Sample

Joe's Keys to Excellence What you will learn

The following section describes Joe's keys to maintain balance and excellence in life based on the dynamics of the D/I personality blend. These keys are important in adapting to the needs and perspective of others. Practicing these insights will cultivate teamwork, productivity, harmony and understanding with others.

Be Patient With People

Your mindset is "let's go now!" Not everyone will want to move as fast as you do. Be patient with people who prefer to take their time.

Adjust Your Pace

Adjust your pace and energy to those you interact with. Some people respond better to high energy and some people respond better in a calm environment.

Inspire Others to Grow as Leaders

Inspire others to grow by encouraging them to take on leadership roles for future development.

Consider Your Words

Be aware of your tone and intensity level when you communicate. Most people are sensitive to HOW things are said just much as they are to WHAT is being said.


Your ReportJoe Sample

Joe as a Team Member What you will learn

Joe's Main Strength:

You are great at working on projects that require a leader who will take charge, have intense drive and create enthusiastic energy.

Main Motivation: Producing tangible results through influence with people

Individual Talents and Gifts: Self-motivation, high energy to get results with people

Value as a Team Member: Initiates activities, motivates others to action

Ideal Environment: Where quick decisions are required; varied activities and roles with people

Key to Motivate: Authority to take risks to achieve results; no close supervision; excitement and prestige; opportunity to work hard and play hard; a new challenge

Keys to Manage: While working with others: D/I style blends need the ability to adjust personal intensity to match the situation; to be confronted when they break the rules; an appreciation of slower-pace people; periods of reduced activity to relieve stress

How You Act Best Under Pressure (your perception): Competitive; confident; pioneering; assertive; positive; winner

How Others May MISUNDERSTAND and MISREAD Your Actions Under Pressure (if they do not understand you): Egotistical; nervy; demanding; controlling; aggressive; opinionated

Things to be aware of (possible blind spots): Short term solutions creating long term problems

Complementary Personality Styles: S/CD, S/C, S/I, C/S


Your ReportJoe Sample

Personality Graphs for Joe Words that best describe you

Graph I
Environment Style
Graph II
Basic Style

Very High


Average Above
-- Mid-line --
Average Below


Very Low

53   81   17   54
71   68   23   46

Graph I on the left reflects your Environment Style - how you respond in your environment. This graph indicates the behavior that others are most likely to observe. The higher the graph level for each of the 4 traits, the more that trait is evident in your environment. The environment graph is based on characteristics that each person tends to demonstrate in his or her outward envirornment.

Graph II on the right reflects your Basic Style - the real you and the traits that make you the most comfortable. Traits that are higher on the graph are behaviors that feel natural to you. Traits that are lower on the scale are areas that you prefer less or are less comfortable for you. The basic style graphs is based on characteristics that each person tends to demonstrate more consistently.

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